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A whole new approach to

assisted living and memory care

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We believe that you can still do anything regardless of your limitations. No matter the setback, you can still engage in the things you love and are passionate about. We are here to help you achieve.

Individualized living

Here at The Lodges of Durand, you will receive a personal care plan just for you. These plans are based on communicating with individuals and talking about their strengths, history, interests, and activities they have enjoyed taking part throughout their lives.

Our stimulating activities provide our residents to interact with others on a daily basis. By doing a comprehensive history on each individual, we are able to learn everyone's interests and offer that engaging environment loved ones want to see them participate in.

Excellent care from a staff you can trust

The Lodges of Durand cares about you and wants to provide you a great living space so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Activities for all

Vibrant life levels of engagement

Passionate, loving care from our family to yours

Your vibrant presence makes us stand out

Create meaningful relationships

Our team of caring individuals are trained to help people create, maintain, and enhance their personal relationships. Having these great interactions with other residents, family, and staff will help you lead a fulfilling life in our community.

Our extended family

Family is everything and we continue to uphold that philosophy. By helping our residents maintain a vibrant outlook on life, we encourage our residents, staff, and the outside community to be engaging and interactive. Let it be about our hobbies, interests or families, sharing facts about our lives will enrich all of us to be a better person and live vibrantly.


The use of technology helps our staff communicate with our residents better. The Lodges of Durand is completely wireless, including health charts and medical records.

Diet and exercise

A person's health is the most important thing in life. Our residents are provided with nutritious meals based on their medical records, aging, and dementia. Along with having a healthy diet, we also need our residents to stay active. We provide fun exercising classes to keep you moving.

Welcome the new approach to living a vibrant life

Staying positive and upbeat is crucial to living a great life. Learn more about our vibrant life philosophy and understand why The Lodges of Durand is the place for your loved ones.

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